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On a Boat in the Middle of the Sea

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Walking in the Dark Without Reaching for a Light

Bobbers, Buoys, and the Broken Things

Dipping my toe into the proverbial possibilities

A Meander Through a Brain on November 10th

Our Invisible Malady

I Left the Church

The More I Do, the Less I Am

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Midlife and Iconography and Repetitive Art

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The World as Best as I Can Remember it

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How Do We Solve the Problem of Amazon?

The Cure for Envy

The Needed Crisis of Self-Faith

Why Would You Steal My Words

What Happens When A Pastor Repents?

You're invited to live the questions: A Curious Faith Launch Community

You're invited to live the questions with me: A Curious Faith Launch community

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Loved, Assumed, Hated

Safe? Of Course He is Safe. He is the Safest Being in the Universe

Come to Israel With Me!

A Tree, A Coffee, A Thing, A Life: Newsletters I love and you might love too

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To Find Christ, Be Like a Dog

Practicing Revolution One Link at a Time

Quick Thoughts Upon The Internet Stealing My Long Thoughts

The Silent Prophet

The Heart is Loved Above All Things and Desperately Loved

Invitation to Party with God

Rooted Aliens and Settled Strangers

I Was Wrong and I'm Sorry

The Hiddenness of Goodness or the Goodness of Hiddenness

The Surety of Every Living Thing

An Invitation to Desire

The Hospitable God