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My name is Lore Ferguson Wilbert. Yup. It’s pronounced Lor-ee. My good friends call me Lo. My oldest friends call me Lor. My brothers call me Sister. But my best friends call me Lowly and I hope I can live down to that.

I am a Christian for whom doubt has been a near constant thread. I am not funny or vivacious or the life of the party. I am the one who hangs out on the margins, the one who sounds slightly, maybe impressive until you meet me, the one people don’t recognize when they see me. And it has taken me nearly 40 years to finally be okay with that.

I have lived in ten states. Nowhere is quite home. The writer of Hebrews quotes the Lord as saying, “They’ll never get where they’re going, never able to sit down and rest.” A favorite author, Wendell Berry, says in one poem, “We must arrive at the ground beneath our feet,” and in another, “at peace, and in place.” I have done neither, not completely. I am perpetually homesick and I wonder if God did that to me on purpose, so I would never feel too much at home on this earth.

I began blogging in 2000, when blog wasn’t a word and we still thought you could keep things private on the internet. I haven’t stopped writing since then, though the nature of this site has changed with time.

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If you need my author bio: Lore Ferguson Wilbert is an award winning writer, thinker, learner, and author of the books, The Understory, A Curious Faith and Handle With Care. She has written for She Reads Truth, Christianity Today, and more, as well as her own site, lorewilbert.com. She has a Masters in Spiritual Formation and Leadership and loves to think and write about the intersection of human formation and the gritty stuff of earth. You can find Lore on Instagram @lorewilbert or on her kayak in the Adirondacks. She lives with her husband Nate in upstate New York and their pups, Harper and Rilke. She really has read all the books on her shelves.

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I write books. Writing about the complexity of questions & faith in this new one: amzn.to/3xIjFtE Twenty years of writing is housed at sayable.net, now archived.